Migraine Sufferer? Your St. Augustine Chiropractor Can Help!

Anyone who has suffered from frequent headaches or severe migraines knows the misery and pain that they bring. Even a minor headache is enough to block your thoughts and make you want to do nothing more than crawl into bed until the pain subsides. Do you know what the causes of these head-pounding occurrences are? Your St. Augustine chiropractor wants to help you understand what they are and how you can help to reduce them.

Migraines and headaches are some of the most common health complaints that your St. Augustine chiropractor hears about from patients. Almost 50% of the global population suffers from headaches within a year, even if it is only one and minor. Studies have shown that they occur more frequently in females than in the male population, however there is no rhyme or reason as to why this is.

The most commonly occurring headache is caused by tension, and a small percentage of adults suffer from frequent tension headaches. A tension headache is caused by exactly that – tension. It could be the tension of your muscles, or mental stress that you are carrying.

A migraine headache is a different kind of beast, and if you or anyone you know has suffered from one, you know how excruciating the pain can be. Many people visit their St. Augustine chiropractor complaining of chronic migraines that can cause them to be bedridden until the pain subsides, with factors like lighting and any noise making the pain even worse. Many St. Augustine chiropractor patients will complain of dizziness and even vomiting from the pain.

So, what is the root of this evil? The answer is very simple. Trauma to your body is a major cause of headaches, along with toxins within the body, and finally, our own minds. Toxins can enter the body through exposure, simple lotions, alcoholic beverages and even food. As far as our mind – as humans we tend the think and overthink things when they are going bad especially, causing some major tension to our brains.

Are you a headache or migraine sufferer wondering if your St. Augustine chiropractor can help you with the pain? The answer is most likely “yes.” Any of the above-mentioned causes of a headache or migraine can cause your spine to be out of alignment which makes your nerves hyper-sensitive and irritated.

There have been multiple studies done over many decades that show a visit to a chiropractor can help you ease your tension and reduce or eliminate the occurrence of headaches and migraines. Are you ready to see if your St. Augustine chiropractor can help you? Call us today to make an appointment, and find out how your St. Augustine chiropractor and help ease your headache and migraine pain.