Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy2018-08-09T17:25:49+00:00

Just like a spinal adjustment from a St. Augustine chiropractor like Dr. Scott Bechtel manipulates the vertebrae back into balance, a massage manipulates the tissue and muscles to help to cleanse them of any toxins, speed up healing, and relax the patient.

Not only do we have a highly qualified St. Augustine chiropractor, but we also have numerous licensed massage therapists who are experts at providing a variety of top-quality therapeutic massage services.

Our massage therapists don’t just focus on the muscles during a massage – they are trained to target connective tissue, GI organs, and lymphatic vessels using their upper bodies.

You can be sure that when you visit your St. Augustine chiropractor for a massage service you will be welcomed into a private and relaxing atmosphere. You make the decision as to how much clothing you leave on for your service. All our massage services are overseen by Dr. Scott Fechtel as well as a Medical Doctor to guarantee you the utmost level of care.