Let Us Help You if You Slip and Fall and Become Imbalanced!

As a St. Augustine chiropractor, we see it constantly. Our patients come in, and no matter how careful or cautious they try to be, they have taken an unintentional spill! No matter how much coordination you have, it can and does still happen to everyone. Did you know that falls are some of the most common injuries reported to the CDC each year – more than one million of us in the United States are guilty of it annually!

While it is a very common occurrence, it still takes quite a toll on our bodies. The lucky ones walk away with bruising; however, it is very common for bone fractures or even serious cranial injuries to occur because of a slip and fall accident. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a fall, your St. Augustine chiropractor is here to help. We will help you get your body back into tip-top shape faster and put you back in your comfort zone.

First let’s look at what causes a fall. Anything and everything, anytime. How many times have you missed a step, walked onto an icy or rain-soaked surface, stood on chair that wasn’t balanced, or just plain lost your footing and fell flat on the ground? A lot of times these slip and fall accidents leave the person lying on the floor with no injuries, however that is not always the case. If you slip and fall and feel any discomfort, pick up the phone and call your St. Augustine chiropractor. The sooner we can get you adjusted, the sooner you can be pain-free.

The injuries most often associated with falling accidents are head trauma, broken bones and spinal injuries. Unfortunately, head injuries are the most common when it comes to slip and fall accidents, and these injuries can be very serious. If you slip and fall and hit your head on anything, it is crucial that you contact a medical professional immediately, without hesitation. Should you feel discomfort in your spinal column or neck after a fall, contact your St. Augustine chiropractor immediately to book an appointment for an exam. Should you suffer a broken bone because of a fall, immediately seek medical help, as these types of injuries may require surgery.

We hope that you don’t experience a slip and fall that results in injury, but your St. Augustine chiropractor is here for you if you do! Sometimes you may not feel any effects of a slip and fall accident, but you may still want peace of mind knowing that your spine is still aligned and that you won’t experience pain in the future. We are always just a phone call away, and we are happy to give you an adjustment no matter what!