Help Ease the Strain on Your Neck from Using Electronics

Do you work in front of a computer all day and find that your eyes are strained, and often that your neck feels stiff? If you are list most people who are a slave to their computer for a living, you should be taking some precautions to make sure that your workstation is benefiting you and not harming you. As a St. Augustine Chiropractor, we commonly see patients come in who have stiff necks from looking down at a computer screen all day. There is a very simple fix to help alleviate this!

Make Your Desktop Setup User Friendly

Most office neck pain comes from computer use. It is unavoidable as we live in a digital age, however there are many accessories made for frequent computer users to help combat this discomfort. Are you looking down at your laptop or desktop monitor? Consider purchasing monitor risers. They will life you monitor up to eye level so that your neck is not in a constant downward tilt. Another solution that your St. Augustine Chiropractor suggests is investing in a standing desk. These desks can sit at eye level, or can be raised so that the user is standing. While not for everyone, they do alleviate the discomfort that comes from sitting for several hours each day.

Do You Work on A Computer All Day and Then Hop on One as Soon as You Get Home?

For many people, the answer to this question is “yes!” When we finish our eight-hour day, there is still work to be done on the computer when we get home – shopping, bills, even just catching up on reading. Do you read books on your iPad in the evening? This can cause strain on your neck as well, especially if you are looking down to read, or lying in bed reading.

The solution to this is to be conscious of how your neck is positioned. Consider getting a stand for your iPad and making sure the font is large enough that you are not straining your neck. When it comes to looking at electronic devices, posture is everything. Don’t place your iPad or laptop on your lap and look down for extended periods at a time, instead find a table or a stand to place the device on so that your neck, back and shoulders do not become strained.

Take a Break!

Check out your St. Augustine Chiropractor’s suggestions to help ease the strain of using electronic devices:

• Invest in a stand or a table to keep your electronic device closer to eye level to reduce strain

• Take a break from reading every 20 minutes

• Consider purchasing a wireless keyboard

• Keep your muscles relaxed

• If you find that you are on a computer for work all day and come home to an electronic device, consider making an appointment with your St. Augustine Chiropractor a regular part of your monthly schedule. An adjustment can put your spine back into alignment and help ease the discomfort you may find that you have from being on electronics all day.