Treatments from St. Augustine Chiropractor, Dr. Scott Fechtel

All chiropractic practitioners know how important it is for individuals to lead an active lifestyle and to get plenty of exercise. It is important for us to promote physical wellness for the health of all the systems our bodies have. Dr. Scott Fechtel is always eager to help patients find exercises that are appropriate for their body limitations and age, but also activities that individuals will enjoy doing, so that exercise doesn’t seem like a hassle. We strongly suggest that any patients of Dr. Scott Bechtel over age 40 who have a medical history contact us before participating in any exercise activity.

Exercise: Rehabilitative & Preventative

Any injury that causes trauma to our joints should be rehabilitated with therapeutic exercise once clearance is given. Therapeutic exercise helps individuals to regain strength and balance. Your St. Augustine chiropractor can recommend and demonstrate the best exercises for you after an injury.

Don’t save exercise for getting injured, however. Your St. Augustine chiropractor recommends exercising during all stages and ages to keep muscles strong and joints healthy, and to reduce the risk of worse damage should an injury occur.

Don’t underestimate the power of stretching

When an injury occurs to your body, stretching is one of the most important things that you can do to prevent scar tissue from forming. Scar tissue begins to form quickly, so it is important that you begin a stretching regimen soon after your injury to keep this tissue from making a permanent impression

After your injury rehabilitation program has concluded, it is important that you continue to stretch daily. Continued stretching will keep your body pliable and will also help to prevent injury in the future.


For some ailments, modalities are helpful in promoting healing and pain relief. Commonly used modalities at Dr. Scott Fecthel’s office are inferential and muscle stimulation, ultrasound and deep heat.

Health Training & Educational Programs for Employees

Injured and ill employees equal lost work time for an employer. Why not be proactive and have your St. Augustine chiropractor provide educational training to your employees to promote health and wellness and reduce the risk of injuries. Dr. Scott Fechtel can educate on the proper work area setup, lifting and bending techniques, and general safety precautions to take in the workplace.

Nutritional Education

It is all too evident today that obesity is a major issue in the United States. Many individuals are uninformed of how to make healthy choices when it comes to food. Unfortunately, this lack of education can lead to health issues including eating disorders, heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and even cancer.

Your St. Augustine chiropractor is trained on proper diet and nutrition and is ready to meet with you to customize a nutrition program designed to help you meet your health goals and minimize the risk of serious health threats.

Over prescription of medication, consumption of excessive amounts of caffeine and fat, and not consuming enough nutritious foods as well as mental stress and tension all contribute to overall poor health. Your St. Augustine Chiropractor, Dr. Scott Fechtel can help you weed out your habits that are unhealthy while providing you with practices to engage in to promote a healthy lifestyle.