Chiro for Kiddos: How Your Children Can Benefit from a Visit to a St. Augustine Chiropractor

When many people think about a visit to a St. Augustine chiropractor, they think of middle-aged adults who pulled their backs out by getting out of bed the wrong way. Or perhaps they think of a a St. Augustine chiropractor as someone who exists solely to treat a condition known as scoliosis. What many people, parents included, is that children of any age can have tremendous effects on a child’s health. We have compiled a list of ways that bringing your child in for a visit with Dr. Scott Bechtel could have a positive impact on their overall wellness:

  • Reinforcement of the immune system

It seems like children are always apt to getting sick. During school season they are subjected to a multitude of germs from hundreds if not thousands of different children, and this is a difficult obstacle to avoid. It is possible to support the immune system with routine St. Augustine chiropractor visits, however. When your child’s spine is aligned it helps to keep other systems functioning at peak performance.

  • The ability to bounce back after injury

The moment your child is officially a crawler is the moment any parent knows that they better prepare for their first bump. As children reach more milestones like being able to walk, ride a bike, etc., the chance for injury only increases – and if kids are going to be kids, there is nothing we can do to see these injuries coming or to prevent them! Injuries like broken limbs are easy to identify by swelling, bruising, and x-rays. The hidden trauma from these injuries are things like subluxation, which left untreated over time can lead to spinal imperfections. After any major injury, no matter your child’s age, its beneficial to have a spinal manipulation performed by a St. Augustine chiropractor.

  • Labor and delivery trauma isn’t just for Momma

Even though she will likely always remember the story of how difficult her labor and delivery were, the new baby won’t, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t experience it as well. While the recorded rate of this happening is low, it is possible that is because the injuries go unnoticed due to the lack of pain felt by the infant. It is always a good idea to have Dr. Scott Bechtel provide an infant chiropractic exam on your new bundle of joy for good measure.

  • Be proactive by being preventative

Children are so susceptible to illness, and what better way to help keep them out of harms way than to be preventative with their overall wellness? Not only is it better for our children, it saves the parents time and money as well, and we all know how expensive healthcare is! Just like your child visited the pediatrician for regular checkups, they should also be put into the routine of visiting their St. Augustine chiropractor to keep their body in balance and to help prevent injury.

Don’t be reactive if something happens to your child, instead be proactive, and increase the chances of injury. Call St. Augustine Chiropractor Dr. Scott Bechtel today to get your child set up with a chiropractic plan for today and years to come!